Empowering Women in Africa

A hand up from poverty to possibility.

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, she, her husband, her children and her extended family will eat for a lifetime. - Bono

Giving a hand up to those in need


By providing grants for the strengthening and expansion of microfinancing programs in Africa, MPA empowers those living in extreme poverty to lift themselves up with dignity through access to services and education.



MPA partners with grassroots organizations that are doing best-practice microfinancing, reaching those living in extreme poverty with support-intensive programs. These organizations help people build up savings, gain access to small loans to start income projects, overcome poverty-exacerbated challenges.


By empowering those in poverty, MPA is a charity that empowers women. By using microfinancing as the strategy to empower women, MPA is lifting up everyone in that woman’s life, men, women, and children.

How Microfinancing Works

Microfinancing the MPA way

MPA’s partner organizations share these key success factors:
–a focus on reaching people in extreme poverty
–insistence that “first you must save” or invest in yourself
–offer fair and fixed interest rates and repayment terms
–provide training and ongoing support throughout the life of a loan
–encourage groups of borrowers to support each other and plan for the future
–recognition that when a program empowers women, everyone is lifted
–open to all regardless of religion, tribe, gender, or race
–demonstrate that the program pays for itself and is self-sustaining and can continue with or without MPA’s partnership

the life-changing benefits of microfinancing

Through success with income projects, members are able to increase their savings, improve their ability to provide better nutrition and steady schooling for their children, and even engage with neighbors to develop their communities.

Empowering Women

MPA sees that we are especially well designed as a female empowerment charity. Everything mentioned above has the potential to make a profound difference in the ability not only to empower women to lift themselves up from poverty, but to empower women empowering women, giving each other a hand up from poverty to possibility. This solution to poverty is not only sustainable, it can lead to prosperity and peace. Particularly when neighbors see that everyone around them is eligible to join a program, without a faith requirement, they have confidence that the potential available through the program is real. And when neighbors of different faiths help each other to be successful, whether it’s in the cow project or in a small self help group, they get to know each other’s humanity, worth, and goodness.

How your donation makes an impact

How we support our partners

MPA is a 501c3 public charity. We receive donations and pool them together to extend “partnership” grants to our partner grassroots organizations that are on the ground in Africa actually doing the work. These organizations started have demonstrated that the way they do microfinancing is self-sustaining. With MPA’s help, they can reach more people faster.

Through our partners, MPA uses your donation as capital to fund a small loan to someone who is struggling in extreme poverty.

A New way of charitable giving

While it may be tempting to just send charity dollars straight over, we strongly believe that the key to systemic change is to empower those in poverty to lift themselves up. That takes time and patience. It takes faith and trust. And it takes a willingness to listen to the people doing the work. Heather Cammarata, Executive Director, uses a food analogy, “Microfinancing the MPA way is the protein, and aid is the sugar. Microfinancing takes time to process, but in the long run is much more nourishing than aid. Of course, in an emergency, even sugar is needed and has a role! But in a chronic, systemic, ongoing system that devalues those in poverty, those people need building blocks to rise.”

She continues, “The transformations we have seen have been profound. But we are affected too. By giving, and engaging in a way that recognizes our shared humanity, our donors are transformed and inspired as well. One of our newest initiatives is WOMEN FOR WOMEN. We have invited professional women to join together, pool donations, and see the impact of those donations specifically to a different MPA project each month that directly empowers women in poverty in Africa.”


Partner Accountability

Further, MPA visits each partner organization prior to agreeing to a partnership. And we visit each partner at least once per year to personally meet with the program team, listen to what is working and where the obstacles are, meet with borrowers to hear straight from them what a difference the program has made in their lives. In this way, we are respectful, and we feel that this makes us one of the best charities to donate to.

Support the Women who need your aid most!

Safe Woman loan programs which include:

Offering post fistula women either piglet living loans or membership in a traditional small loan group;

Training midwives in rural village health centers to use ultrasounds as a part of the prenatal care they offer. By identifying twins, placenta previa, and breach position, the midwives can refer pregnant women with these conditions to the hospital for labor and delivery. This piece alone is saving lives.

Building up group microfinancing projects at the village health centers to sustain the additional services provided

Pay-it-Forward Scholarships which is still in pilot form–MPA is seeking to learn best ways to combine educational support within the framework of pay-it-forward microfinancing programs.

Our Community


Small Loans

Small loans offered through SACCOs (credit unions) or revolving fund programs provide eager entrepreneurs the capital to start a small income-generating business.

Group Loans

Loans for one group begin at as small an amount as $15 USD. As borrowers grow their income-generating, business projects and successfully repay their loan, they are able to borrow larger amounts. Eventually, the average loan is about $80 USD.

Living Loans

Not all loans need to be currency. Animal living loan programs offer opportunities where the investment is preparing a farm and the repayment of the loan is passing on the first female calf to the next qualified farmer.

Water Filter loans

Water filter loan programs wherein MPA will fund water filters to be distributed via small loans. As the loans are repaid, more water filters can be funded.

Pay-it-Forward Scholarships

Pay-it-Forward Scholarships which is still in pilot form–MPA is seeking to learn best ways to combine educational support within the framework of pay-it-forward microfinancing programs.


With each donation, you're helping an entrepreneur

to lift themselves out of poverty with dignity and respect.



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