The CPS Partners have formed small self-help groups and are offering vocational skills training.

A few groups use commercial equipment to sew school uniforms to sell to area schools. One group operates a sunflower oil press, offering the services of the press to neighboring farmers. One group is learning woodworking skills to make intricate doors and furniture for the hotel industry in Zanzibar. One group is starting a greenhouse cooperative.

Proceeds from the group project will be shared by the members of the group as well as utilized to continue the growth of the project.

As these groups see success and sustainability, the CPS Partners will replicate the model with other small groups they serve. The goal is to give a hand up to constituents to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

Community Group Consists of:

Small Group Members – CPS Partners/Managers

Fast Facts:

  • CPS

    The CPS Partners’ (Sister Mary Paul’s group) history is completely independent from the CPS Partners’ history (the group of Sister Toni Temporiti, the founder of MPA), however, both orders share the same charism and imagery of the Paschal Lamb, as well as a commitment to service to those in poverty.

  • 14/3

    CPS Partners now manages 14 small group projects in 3 countries: 2 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 7 in Tanzania, and 5 in Kenya.

Where We’re Making a Difference

Kenya, Tanzania including Zanzibar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

CPS Partners is a grassroots effort by the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood to empower groups of their constituents by offering training through small group income projects. The CPS Partners manage group projects in rural Kenya, Tanzania including Zanzibar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Success Stories

Meet Sister Mary Paul Wamatu, CPS

Sister Mary Paul, CPS was born in Kenya and has become a leader within her province of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood. After years of leadership in Kenya and representing her sisters in Rome, her community has asked her to build up the CPS presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Sister Mary Paul continues to manage the CPS Partners microfinancing small group projects throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and the DRC while she lives near Kinshasa and frequently visits a village several hours north of the capital, where the CPS partners there are working with the local people of the Pygmy tribe. These people are often ostracized by other tribes and struggle to find ways to provide for their families. By combining education with vocational training and small group microfinancing, Sister Mary Paul is breaking ground throughout Africa.