Ron Moser

In June 2015, I retired after a 40-year plus career from Southern Commercial Bank. Southern Commercial was a relatively small, locally owned independent bank which afforded me the opportunity to experience most positions from being a teller, an installment, and mortgage lender,
an overseer of our marketing department, and everything in between.
I was fortunate to serve on their board of directors for the last 20 years as well. At Sr. Toni’s and Dick Arnoldy’s urging, I’ve attended the annual MicroFinancing Partners in Africa’s Gala consistently for several years, and have been simply amazed by the network they’ve developed and all they have accomplished in such a relatively short time. In January 2016, I was able to travel with several board members and friends to see firsthand what I had only heard about at the Galas. The trip was life-changing, life-affirming not just for the people and the families that we’ve touched, but for me. While I’ve been privileged to serve on quite a few not-for-profit boards over the years, I have never been involved with any agency that has quite the wonderful energy that Microfinancing Partners in Africa has. To say it’s a tremendous