Thankful Thursday:

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 6 weeks in Masaka, Uganda this past summer in order to complete an internship for my Masters in Public Health.


While I was there, I worked with Father George on the piglet project for post-fistula women. I met many women in the project who where so grateful to have received a pig, and along with it, the opportunity to provide for themselves and be empowered to set goals for the future.


One woman in particular stood out to me with how genuinely thankful and joyful she was to have a pig and be a part of the project. Her name was Sanyu, and she lived alone with her 6 children. She didn’t have room at the small home she was renting to keep her pig, so she kept it up the road at her mother’s house.


Sanyu was so excited to let me know that she has been able to start a small business with the money earned from selling piglets. I think she was even happier to tell me that she is using the money from her business to pay tuition fees for her children. Prior to receiving her pig, Sanyu’s children did not attend school, as she had been unable to afford their tuition. Even with a language barrier between us, I could tell by Sanyu’s infectious smile that she was so grateful to be a part of the piglet project. Sanyu often comes to my mind as someone who exhibits what joyful thanksgiving really looks like.

~Krista Sellers