Ten Years of MicroFinancing Makes a Difference

Ten Years of MicroFinancing Makes a Difference As we approach 10 years of systemic change for those struggling in extreme poverty, we have seen an impact. With Jamii Bora, MPA has been instrumental in the survival of this critical microlending institution in Kenya.

Over the years, we have supported the rebuilding of the market in Kibera slum after the 2007 post-election violence, paid salaries for the Tumaini social workers who work with those in the most desperate situations, and provided capital for the new Yawezekana SACCO to start microlending anew.

The SACCO now reports over 5,000 members With BUWEA in Tanzania, the group has grown from 127 women to 555. 100% of the loans through their revolving loan program have been repaid. Before joining BUWEA, 89% of women reported income of less than $1/day, and after just the first loan cycle, 89% of women report income between $1-2/day. With the Cow Project in Uganda, 58% of farmers report savings averaging over $50/month EVEN AFTER paying for school fees and farm expenses. 82% of farmers have made improvements to their homes since receiving a cow. 97% of the farmers with cows are sending their children to school.

For the Piglet Project in Uganda, 96 post-fistula women have received piglets, and 100 more are identified and being trained. CPS Partners in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, and Uganda, is active in small group income projects. Thanks to YOUR commitment to making a difference, MPA has now disbursed over $1.78 million in partnership support since our founding.