A Story of Hope: Sam and Maxesia Ntate

Sam and Maxesia Ntate live in the village of Ggulama outside of Masaka, Uganda. Together they have three daughters who have been the sole motivation behind their working towards receiving a Living Loan.


Like many of the farming families with whom MPA works, they had struggled to earn a consistent income and frequently didn’t have the money to pay for milk to drink or fees to send their daughters to school.

After completing their training and preparations, the Ntate family received their first cow in 2013 and since then have passed on two additional cows, making the cow project their main source of sustainable income over the last five years.

With the constant use of manure from their cow’s waste, their farming production has increased to the point that they have saved enough income to build a new house with a metal roof as well as to ensure they no longer struggle to buy food.

In the future they plan to continue paying the school fees for their girls, finish plastering and cementing their new house, acquire a water tank to ease the stress of gathering clean water each day, and continue seeking a biogas loan from MADDO to construct a biogas tank for electricity and a gas stove in their home. The living loan of a cow has changed their lives.