A Story of Hope: Nakkaka and Tom

Together they previously worked hard to provide for their family but since having multiple children it became practically impossible to depend on selling food and cash crops they grew at home as their primary income.


Through MPA, in 2010 this farming family was able to receive a cow which has greatly increased their income and lifestyle. Nakkaka and Tom are able to pay for their children’s school fees as well have have purchased a home.

Thanks to MADDO who trained them in sustainable agriculture and imparted livestock skills that have increased their farming productions and have seen a rise in their monthly income from the sales of cash crops.

To date, their cow is producing about 17 litres daily which they use 1 litre for their own family and sell the excess milk to either milk vendors or to their community members. From those milk sales they have for the first time ever begun a savings account to prepare for emergencies.

In the coming month, their goal is to continue saving to purchase a motor bike to carry crops to the market as well as to transport their children to school.