Shop for Change: Give Hope This Holiday

The season for giving is here!

As you deck the halls, bake all the treats and shop for friends and family this holiday you have a few options when it comes to gift giving:


1. Give another ugly sweater or silly gadget that’s on this year’s “must-have” list…

2. Shop for change and give an alternative gift that gives hope to a family living in East Africa. (Ding Ding Ding! Winner!)

We hope you’ll come together and select the latter of those two options… because who needs another holiday sweater?? Not us!

When you shop for change you’re giving a gift that gives more than just a moment of joy but a gift that transforms an entire family working to lift themselves out of extreme poverty with dignity and respect.

To make giving easy we have a variety of alternative gifts at different price points to offer an affordable opportunity for everyone to give hope this holiday season.