Meet the Ugandan Farmers Your Generosity Helped!

2 Families. 2 Cows. 2 Stories of a Hand Up.

In Uganda for seven years we have been working to eradicate extreme poverty through an animal microfinance project. The project requires that the families invest in their farms by building a zero-grazing shed for the cow, plant sufficient grass to feed a cow, and implement sanitation requirements for the family and the cow to keep the cow in top health.

Once all eligibility requirements are met, the family is granted a living loan of a pregnant cow, valued at $800 (and funded through donors like yourself!). Once the calf is born, a cow gives around 20 liters of milk a day. The family uses about two liters for their own nutritional needs and sell the remainder to the dairy, which provides the family a small but steady income. The loan is paid back by raising the first female calf for 9 to 12 months, and then passing along that calf to another family that is trained and ready.

Through the complete generosity of individuals like YOU, we wanted you to meet two farmers who have recently received their cows.


Nampiima Florence

AGE: 36 years

LOCATION: Bukoto – Masaka District

FAMILY: Married with 5 children

We are a needy family with 6 acres of unproductive land & no daily income. We cannot to afford milk or other food.

– I want to have a daily income from the sales of excess dairy milk.

– My children should have a continual supply of milk to drink.

– I plan to save enough to install and use a bio-gas system for lighting and a flame for cooking.


Walugembe Abbasi

AGE: 42 years

Location: Kyesiga – Masaka District

FAMILY: Married with 8 children

We are a big family with 6 acres of unproductive land. We can’t afford to buy milk or create 6 acres of product agriculture on our own.

– I want to increase house hold income with daily sales of milk and other farming goods.

– I want to be able to provide my children’s school fees.