A Story of Hope: Wilson Maina

A hero of Microfinancing Partners in Africa, Wilson, Born in the slum of Mathare, saw that people were dying from starvation or a quick death from a life of crime. He became one of the most notorious thieves in the slums of Kenya.

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Sam and Maxesia Ntate

A Story of Hope: Sam and Maxesia Ntate

Sam and Maxesia Ntate live in the village of Ggulama outside of Masaka, Uganda. Together they have three daughters who have been the sole motivation behind their working towards receiving a Living Loan.

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A Story of Hope: Regina Majaliwa

Born in Bukoba, Tanzania and having returned to teach at a girls’ secondary school before getting married, Regina Majaliwa was forced to retire due to an onset of blindness. Her story of hope has inspired her community and created a big change.

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A Story of Hope: Nakkaka and Tom

Together they previously worked hard to provide for their family but since having multiple children it became practically impossible to depend on selling food and cash crops they grew at home as their primary income.

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“Thanks to MPA piglet project, I’m so happy that I have a second chance of living a normal life”. Says Nassimbwa.

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Shop for Change: Give Hope This Holiday

The season for giving is here!

As you deck the halls, bake all the treats and shop for friends and family this holiday you have a few options when it comes to gift giving:

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Thankful Thursday: Inside the Classrooms of Uganda

I visited Uganda in June this past summer. On the flight over, I felt excited to see the people and places my mom had talked about, but also very nervous about being in a completely new and different environment. I quickly learned that I had nothing to be worried about.

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Thankful Thursday:

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 6 weeks in Masaka, Uganda this past summer in order to complete an internship for my Masters in Public Health.

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Thankful Thursday: A Look Inside the People of Our Microfinance Projects

In June, Heather and I visited MPA’s partner programs in Uganda and Tanzania.

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Thankful Thursday: A Journey Through Kenya and Uganda

Dear Friends of MPA,In January, I had the great opportunity of traveling with Sr. Toni and 6 other MPA friends to visit MPA’s projects in Uganda and Kenya.

It was an amazing and humbling experience, which opened my eyes and heart to the human spirit of the African people and those who work alongside them to help improve their quality of life.

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A Story of Hope: One Farming Family Changing Their Community

“I have a passion and love for my cow and I do all things possible to take good care of it. I have no problems feeding my cow because I have enough land for grass for the cow. I am really delighted that my cow has increased my income through the sale of milk.” – Matilda

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Sending 100 Kids Back to School in Africa

While tuition for children in East Africa is free, many families cannot afford the small school uniform fee to send their children to school.

A school uniform means that one child will now be able to attend classes. School is free in the communities we partner with in East Africa, but each child must have a uniform and the appropriate supplies to attend. Often times for families these extra expenses in order to send each child to school is very costly. Just by providing the funding for a school uniform, more children are able to attend classes and change their future generation.

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Meet the Ugandan Farmers Your Generosity Helped!

2 Families. 2 Cows. 2 Stories of a Hand Up.

In Uganda for seven years we have been working to eradicate extreme poverty through an animal microfinance project. The project requires that the families invest in their farms by building a zero-grazing shed for the cow, plant sufficient grass to feed a cow, and implement sanitation requirements for the family and the cow to keep the cow in top health.

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MPA Trivia Night 2016 – Tickets On Sale!

Do you have what it takes? Put your knowledge to the test at MPA’s annual Trivia Night! It’s a night full of friends, quick wits, free beer, popcorn and prizes for not only the trivia winners but best decorated team table too!

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Busting the Myths of MicroFinance

MYTH: Microfinance is a fool-proof way to eradicate poverty.

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Donor Spotlight: Joyce Woodard

Dear Friends of MPA, In January, I had the great opportunity of traveling with Sr. Toni and 6 other MPA friends to visit MPA’s projects in Uganda and Kenya. It was an amazing and humbling experience,

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MPA Success Story

“My Social Empowerment is All Attributed to My Cow” Reported to MPA By Mugabi Lazarus – an MPA Journalist in Uganda

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Putting a Face to Poverty

With stats all across the globe reading “ Worldwide 600 million children are living in extreme poverty” and “ Almost half the world —over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day” it can seem overwhelming and hopeless to those of us living above the poverty line. Questions like “ what can I do?” and “ Will I even make a difference?” can cross our minds.

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Ten Years of MicroFinancing Makes a Difference

Ten Years of MicroFinancing Makes a Difference As we approach 10 years of systemic change for those struggling in extreme poverty, we have seen an impact. With Jamii Bora, MPA has been instrumental in the survival of this critical microlending institution in Kenya.

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